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As our slogan suggests - we help our visitors learn, connect, preserve, and celebrate!  

We help people learn about Scottish and Scottish-American culture, history, tradition, geography, travel, general Scottish and highland genealogy, and more.  (We are not able to offer individual genealogy services, but may be able to refer you.)

We would like to help you connect with our multitude of Scottish and Clan organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.  We can also facilitate connections for those people seeking pipers, pipe and drum bands, other musicians, dancers, speakers, and so on.  For those interested in commerce with Scotland or Scottish businesses, we may be able to help make connections there as well!

We are preserving our ancestry and culture by making our resources available to all who seek the story of the Scots and their descendents all over the world - and by passing on that story.

Once you begin your journey into your heritage and connect with others that are also doing so, there is no shortage of activities you can enjoy in the celebration of your “cultural inheritance”. 

We very much look forward to your call!

A message from our Founding Director:


There's simply no substitute for seeing things directly and making a personal connection with others who share your interest in Scottish, Scots-Irish, and Scottish American heritage, history, culture, travel and more.

The Center offers the opportunity for profound connection. Not only to those in the past, but to those in the now...right here in Minnesota and all over the world. This is one of the greatest gifts of our heritage. All are welcome...not only here, but in the places all over the globe where Scots seeded themselves so mightily. There is a very long memory of connections among our people and a tradition of belonging.

Our Scottish community awaits all seekers and welcomes them home as they discover who they are. When I first stumbled upon all this, I made literally hundreds of instant friends here in Minnesota, and within a few short years made real connections with folks from all over the country and Scotland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand as well. Stop by and pay us a visit.

J. Scott McKechnie
DVM, FSA Scot, Chairman Emeritus
Scottish American Center

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